The Challenge

Beiersdorf wanted to partner with a leading team that could enable them to embrace a modern and innovative approach to steer their core Nivea business forwards into a more relevant space for their future audience, moving them from something perceived to be for ‘Mum’ to something for ‘Me’. 




The Approach

Having led the pitch that won the Northern Europe account in a 5 way bid, I put in place a cross discipline team that could reflect the agile nature of how we needed Beiersdorf to work. Alongside the Engagement Director who was with me on the pitch, we derived a two year transformation plan that would take Beiersdorf from a heavy broadcast approach, to an intuitive structure that could flex to market and individual brand needs quickly and effectively. 

Shortly into this we found our creative lead, and we quickly lifted the bar on the quality of every asset made; whether a facebook post or a feature film. 



Encouraging Change

Around halfway through this program we started to see big shifts in the thinking and started to speak with the Global team in Hamburg on how the work would ladder up to close the gap between the Global top down approach and the sales goals on the ground in each market. 

Shifting spend from TV to allow for the inclusion of better digital marketing was a big part of the transformation, following buy-in from the board, within months we were working with several markets to run immersion sessions on everything they needed to know about how to behave in the digital space. 

We also helped plug skills gaps on both sides of the team, ours and theirs to set them up for the longer term.




The Results

The results from the integrated campaigns showed the highest ever levels of engagement and positive sentiment towards the brand, this encouraged several other markets and brands to approach us for help transforming.

At this point we were about a year into the program and we encouraged budgets to be reconsidered. They were, most pertinently to allow for an innovations stream so we could run test pilots in leading markets to keep the game changing in a truly modern and innovative way. 





Agency | AKQA

I was the Global Client Lead for the Beiersdorf account.

Executive Creative Director | Phil Haworth

Creative Director | Resh Sidhu

Technical Director | Steve Smith

Program Director | Jules Ward

Engagement Director | Dave Coombs

Executive Sponsor | Amanda Morrissey