Chasing the Edge (pitch)

Whilst living in Tokyo working with the CMO of Nissan Motor Co. I met the team for Infiniti, their premium brand. At the time they were frustrated with the ideas they were seeing from their incumbent agency for their newly signed deal to be the main sponsor for the Red Bull F1 team, I asked if we could have a week to pull together a pitch, he gave us two. 

We pitched a digitally centric idea that connected; the car, the brand and the sport in a way that the entire team understood by the third slide. Our team came together across London and Tokyo to deliver exceptional work that led to a win.

We went on to deliver amazing work for the Infiniti team, then for F1 and the man Bernie himself. 

To date still one of the best pitches I've worked on thanks to a client who would accept nothing less than pole position.




Agency | AKQA

I was the Client Lead and Global Coordinator based in Tokyo. 

Executive Creative Director | Adam Bracegirdle

Creative Director | Resh Sidhu