In The Beginning

I joined the team at a point when the CMO needed someone to help design and run a series of workshops that would allow them to understand what they needed in order to complete their Global Digital Alignment program.

It started with 3 days in Yokohama exploring a Global SSO (Single Sign On) solution and ended 2 years later with the delivery of a 5 year roadmap that would become the brief for their biggest ever project delivered across all brands in the group for every market on the map. 




It didn't stop there

The CMO was one of the most proactive ambitious clients I've had the pleasure to work with and my role quickly evolved to becoming part of his team and moving to Tokyo. I worked next to him and his second in command to help build our agency team and their global team to work as one across; Tokyo, Washington D.C, Hong Kong, London, Paris and Geneva.

I worked with a Client Partner who was based in London to help align our teams on both sides of the world that at it’s biggest was 120 strong. During this time we created their 2020 vision and roadmap to become a truly global brand whilst working on the design of their global site platform and car configurator, created to be intelligent and fully responsive.


Agency | AKQA

My role within AKQA was Client Lead and within Nissan Motor Co. was Digital Change Lead

Creative Director | Resh Sidhu

Technical Director | Regardt Meyer

Program Director | Ben Joyce

Business Analyst | Mark Barry